EIR Embossed In Register

Lamett is constantly striving to create the perfect floor… with our “EIR” technique which gives the oor a real look and feel, and our “True Edge Natural Pressed Bevel” that gives the flooring a natural rolled bevel look without compromising on the durability and aesthetics of the flooring.

The EIR (Embossed In Register) process or technique, is a patented technology which takes oor craftsmanship to the next level, by laser embossing the actual printed wood grain and not just “ripple rolling” the boards, Thus creating the most realistic feeling and looking laminate flooring on the market today.

The “True Edge Natural Pressed Bevel” eliminates the need to shave the edge of the boards to create a natural rolled bevel. The shaving process exposes the MDF construction of the board, leading to wear and chipping, and requires painting, which leads to a dierence in color. By pressing the bevel into the board, you create a smooth and easy to clean bevel that is the same color as the board, and eliminates possible chipping and wearing of the flooring.

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