Let The Light In with Beautiful Wooden Shutters

Modern day living with South Africa’s beautiful climate simply begs for spaces to be opened up and let natural light in to maximise views and atmosphere. With our retractable bass wooden shutters, you can beautifully merge indoor and outdoor living with ease. Benefit from the great aesthetic appeal of wooden shutters, while still enjoying the great privacy that is a leading appeal of modern blinds.

We are proud of our full in-house manufacturing division specialising in basswood shutters. We’ve chosen basswood for being one of the strongest, best quality hardwood species available. As it’s solid, with minimal porosity, the wood is more resistant to wood borer, unlike other types of hardwood wood available today.

Our basswood and wooden shutters are also known for their great stability, hardness and strength. These shutters are designed to match your décor, flooring and furniture, as we can manufacture a choice of 10 standard colours, while also custom-making solid colours and stains, should the need arise. It’s just one more way that we go the extra mile to provide our valued customers with the precise wooden shutters they’re after.

We Make It As Easy As Possible to Choose Beautiful Wooden Shutters

Our team is always hard at work providing our customers with all the information they need to make informed decisions regarding which wooden shutters to choose. We offer a measuring and presentation service, where a sales representative is available to assist with the measuring and presentation of available shutters. This helps you to visualise what you’re buying, how it will look in your home and what you can look forward to.

Current delivery for our basswood wooden shutters is three to four weeks. Let us help you dress your windows with the best quality wooden shutters available on the market today, and allow you to enjoy many years of reliable service. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have, to help you make an informed purchase decision. Speak to us today to discuss your wooden shutters requirements in greater detail.